Filmmaker Wannabe

Up the stairs through the long winter

I attended a local webinar put on by the Ottawa Film Office. It was billed as “Career Connect 2022: How to Break Into Ottawa’s Film Industry” so I didn’t expect to get much from it.

Although I’m not trying to start a career as a grip or a gaffer or an actor, I saw that Maxwell McGuire was on the panel and, having watched several of his Christmas movies, I figured I might pick up a few tips on how to become a filmmaker. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, all of the panellists were excellent and as a wannabe filmmaker, I discovered a bunch of useful advice, tips, and how-tos.

It was difficult not to be jealous of others as they talked about their experiences making films. But it also reminded me that my excuses for not trying to make a movie of my own were really just that, excuses. So I left the webinar with a sense of optimism and determination to make this the year that I finally, finally, get off my ass and start chasing down my chance to make movies.

Of course, I was also left with the clear understanding that making a movie, whether from Ottawa or Los Angeles, is a lot of work and takes a considerable amount of planning and persistence. That seems especially true given that I have never made any kind of real movie before and I probably do not yet have all the necessary skills to make it a success. But trying and failing is living, and I figure I better get busy at it.

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