Iolanthe ’68

This is a short “documentary” made about my parents origin story. The clip stitches various material together to create a short narrative.
Iolanthe Finale at Campbellford – my father played Private Willis and my mother as the Fairy Queen

The same year I made the Bishops “documentary”, I also took a stab at making a “documentary” about the origins of my parent’s relationship and subsequent marriage. The video was an attempt to stitch together various pieces of footage I had taken over the years of my parents speaking about their history. The resulting video reflects all the problems that arise when using different cameras, different microphones, and different locations.

That said, the resulting narrative structure isn’t too bad, especially considering I made it 13 years ago with footage that had been shot many years before that. Unfortunately, the passage of time has meant that I can’t “redo” the piece with more modern equipment so this video will simply have to do:

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