The Bishops

This is a short “documentary” about my father’s high school rock band. It is my first attempt at cohesive narrative filmmaking
Playing with the Bishops at Marmora circa 1965

While I have always wanted to make movies, most of my efforts have hinged on an interest in the underlying technology — usually driven by cameras or software — or by a simple interest in family history. So it was that one of the very first “movies” I made in my 30s was a very short “documentary” about the Bishops, a small band formed by my father and my uncle while they were still in high school in the mid-60s.

The movie, if it can be called that, represents my first effort to tell a “story” in a documentary style rather than simply making a collage of photos and video clips timed to music. It still clings to those early roots of collage making and that detracts from the effort’s overall quality. I suppose I simply lacked the courage or the raw footage to ever completely silence the underlying music track.

It’s been thirteen years since I made that film. My grandmother, my father, and my uncle have all since passed away and so the movie has taken on a deeper meaning for me. I’m glad I captured this footage before it was too late but I wish I had had the proper tools to capture the interviews with better sound and video.

So here it is, the Bishops:

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